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How to survive your first few nights in Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (PS Vita) 17 October
Crafting! Beds! Food! Iron ore! Wheat!
South Park: Pinball does almost exactly what you'd expect it to, and it's out now on iOS and Android (PS Vita) 17 October
And Vita as well!
Pix the Cat (PS Vita) 15 October
A sonic kitten
Gorgeous musical platformer Vib Ribbon is available on PS Vita and PSP in the UK right now (PS Vita) 15 October
Good vib-rations
Minecraft is out on the Vita in the US right now, and should be hitting the UK today (PS Vita) 15 October
On the PSN
Someone has made a working iPhone in Minecraft, and they are my new favourite person (PS Vita) 15 October
Phoning it in
Competitive fencing-fighter Nidhogg launches on PS Vita, PS4, and PSTV (PS Vita) 14 October
En garde!
Killzone: Mercenary update lets you play it on the big screen from November 14th with PlayStation TV compatibility (PS Vita) 14 October
New checkpoint system implemented, too
Minecraft PS Vita Edition heads to the US on October 14th (PS Vita) 10 October
Retail versions announced, too
Minecraft is headed to PS Vita in just under a week, so long as you live in Europe (PS Vita) 09 October
Block rocking feats
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