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PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack out in Europe this autumn includes Uncharted, Tearaway (PS Vita) 21 August
Natural Doctrine (PS Vita) 21 August
Death awaits unless you adapt to survive
Meta RPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has flashy sword play for your Vita right now (PS Vita) 20 August
Comes with HD version of Infinity Moment
Earth Defense Force Portable V2 is an upgraded version of the PS2 game for Vita (PS Vita) 20 August
Handsome bugs
X-Tactics is a tactical JRPG for iOS and Android that's looking for crowd-funding (PS Vita) 20 August
Don't get X
Freedom Wars, the Vita exclusive action RPG, has a release date in the US and Europe (PS Vita) 19 August
Fight time
Rayman Jungle Run dev unveils frantic mazy arcade game Pix The Cat for Vita (PS Vita) 18 August
I'm lost
Crimsonland is bloodier, more brutal, and remastered for Vita, coming this week (PS Vita) 18 August
Pile o' corpses
Gamescom '14 Quick Pick - Jet Car Stunts feels fast, frenetic, and in control on Vita (PS Vita) 18 August
Checking in from Cologne
PG's top moments of the week - Goats, Space Marine price cuts, and Hearthstone help (PS Vita) 16 August
Call of Duty: Heroes! A special 3DS! Hateful rollercoasters!
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