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Shutshimi is a shmup starring a fish with giant, muscular arms heading to Vita (PS Vita) 03 March
Fish fingers
Stealth Inc. 2 loses its Wii U exclusivity as it sneaks on to PS Vita in April (PS Vita) 02 March
Army of clones
This week on Twitch: deep and passionate critical analysis of blue hedgehogs (PS Vita) 02 March
Plus Flame Over, Minecraft, and more...
La-Mulana EX whips a vulture, explores lost cities on PS Vita in Europe on March 4th (PS Vita) 27 February
It will kill you
Color Guardians looks like a children's TV show version of Ikaruga, coming to Vita (PS Vita) 27 February
Not just black and white
What the GEOFF!? Episode 4: Not my Nvidia Shield (PS Vita) 27 February
An unwelcome guest
PG Awards 2015: Last chance to vote for your favourite games of last year (PS Vita) 26 February
Time is running out to show the love, damn it!
Gory, gothic slash 'em up Slain! is 'likely' to come to PS Vita (PS Vita) 26 February
Firefighting roguelike Flame Over shoots water on to your Vita on March 10th (PS Vita) 26 February
Your dream of being Fireman Sam is near
Hotline Miami 2 will bust down a door and start punching a PS Vita to death on March 10th (PS Vita) 26 February
Dial tone
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