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Assemble the bricks as Lego Marvel's Avengers releases on PS Vita and 3DS (PS Vita) 29 January
Loki you
Vita gets Helldivers, Lemmings touch and Nova 111 for free with PS Plus next month (PS Vita) 28 January
It's free 11!1
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - Scrum, yum, in my tum (PS Vita) 28 January
Abe can now fart in your pocket, hooray!
Saturday Morning RPG is going to air on PS Vita soon (PS Vita) 26 January
See? Not dead yet.
Hello everyone, I'm Pocket Gamer's new News Editor (PS Vita) 25 January
Breathing intensifies
Volume - Ace of bass (PS Vita) 21 January
A sound purchase
Velocity 2X gets a fast-paced Daily Sprint update (PS Vita) 15 January
And it's totally free!
Unfortunately, Not a Hero is not happening on Vita (PS Vita) 12 January
Roll 7 pull the plug on port
Dance the night away when Crypt of the Necrodancer arrives on PS Vita in February (PS Vita) 12 January
Move to the beat
Trailer for Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India shows off elephants, chakrams, and more (PS Vita) 11 January
Sneak or slay
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