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Oddworld New 'n' Tasty dev explains why the Vita version has been delayed (PS Vita) 23 October
Plus: Stranger's Wrath on mobile coming soon
Paint splashing exploration game The Unfinished Swan spreads its wings on Vita next week (PS Vita) 23 October
Fill in the gaps
Rainbow Skies (PS Vita) 22 October
Strolling through a cave of snappy treasure chests without a care
RPG sequel Rainbow Skies is heading to Vita in 2015, gets a new gameplay trailer (PS Vita) 22 October
Somewhere over the rainbow
Rhythm cooker Senran Kagura Bon Appetit arrives exclusively on PS Vita this November (PS Vita) 21 October
Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (PS Vita) 21 October
Block party
Start your media career with Pocket Gamer (PS Vita) 21 October
Internships available
PG's top moments of the week - I just bought an iPad Air 2... (PS Vita) 18 October
Nexus 6! Helix! Minecraft Vita! GamerGate!
Race the Sun zooms onto Vita next week with a new Labrinthia world (PS Vita) 17 October
The shadow of the maze
How to survive your first few nights in Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (PS Vita) 17 October
Crafting! Beds! Food! Iron ore! Wheat!
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