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5 great Cyber Monday deals for pocket gamers (US) (PS Vita) 30 November
iPads, iTunes, and more
December's PS Plus lineup for PS Vita includes Freedom Wars, which you must play (PS Vita) 30 November
Fight for freedom
Frantic and cute arena slasher Croixleur Sigma gets its first PS Vita trailer (PS Vita) 30 November
Steady on, girl
Developers of mobile, wearables, and VR games: Enter the Very Big Indie Pitch @ PGC London 2016 (PS Vita) 30 November
Show off your game at the biggest VBIP of the year
Sony to stop selling games for the PSP on the PS Store in Japan next year (PS Vita) 27 November
Buy while you still can
Shakedown Hawaii takes Retro City Rampage's open world into the 16-bit era (PS Vita) 25 November
Older, fatter, and balder
Cyberpunk adventure game Read Only Memories is coming to PS Vita (PS Vita) 23 November
Welcome to the future
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for PS Vita heads to Europe on February 5th (PS Vita) 20 November
Bonus DLC for buying it on day one
Classic SNES run-'n'-gunner Super Star Wars returns on PS Vita this week (PS Vita) 16 November
Step aside, Battlefront
Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours blasts out of arcades and onto PS Vita on November 30th (PS Vita) 16 November
Shoot the robo-fish
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