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Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors - Will you go to Hell for playing this? (PS Vita) 27 September
Hell hath no fury like a sadomasochistic Japanese RPG
Lichtspeer releases tomorrow on PC/PS4, delays Vita until November (PS Vita) 26 September
You call that a throw?
The best deals this week in handheld and mobile (PS Vita) 25 September
We all like cheap games
The utterly gorgeous puzzler, Pavilion, is out now on NVIDIA SHIELD, coming soon to PS Vita (PS Vita) 15 September
All it takes is a little convincing
Stunning platformer Shu releases a new trailer and hits PlayStation Vita later this year (PS Vita) 15 September
There's a storm coming-
Square Enix's World of Final Fantasy gets a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show (PS Vita) 15 September
Totemo kawai :3
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk releases a new trailer and a western launch date (PS Vita) 15 September
I don't know what the egg is, but it's creeping me out
Pocket Gamer is at PGC Helsinki right now (PS Vita) 05 September
Come meet us!
Power Rangers-inspired tactical RPG Chroma Squad is coming to iOS, Android, and Vita in early 2017 (PS Vita) 04 September
Super Sentai strategy
Gamescom 2016 - SteamWorld Heist is a lovely fit for mobile, and it's a pretty awesome game, too (PS Vita) 23 August
Heist Heist Baby
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