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Proto Raider (PS Vita) 30 March
Proto Raider is single screen auto-running puzzle platformer covered in ASCII beauty
This week on Twitch: blood, sweat, and chocolate (PS Vita) 30 March
Plus even more monster hunting
Tip-toe puzzler Stealth Inc 2 gets Vita release date - will be Cross Buy with console edition (PS Vita) 30 March
Me two
Sony is shutting down Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita despite it only being out for a year (PS Vita) 27 March
Destiny denied
Not playing Bloodborne yet? Try Toukiden: Kiwami out on PS Vita (and PS4) today (PS Vita) 27 March
These beasts need slaying
Hands-on with Squares - a quick-fire reaction tester coming to Vita next month (PS Vita) 26 March
Blue means go
MonsterBag is a colourful, madcap game of monster teleportation heading exclusively to PS Vita (PS Vita) 26 March
I don't know what's going on but I like it
Double Fine's Broken Age is pointing-and-clicking its way to PS Vita on April 29th (PS Vita) 26 March
Parallel lives
Poncho to bring dimension-jumping robots in a post-human world to PS Vita this summer (PS Vita) 26 March
A mystery wrapped up in a robotic post-apocalypse
You can now stream PS4 games to your Vita at 60 frames per second (PS Vita) 26 March
Smooth as butter
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