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 latest news
Leo's Fortune is an intriguing looking platformer that's set to hit iPad and iPhone next week  iPad, iPhone | News | 17 April
I don't think it's a lion
Knights of Pen & Paper, the Silver Award-winning dungeon delving RPG mash, is free on iOS right now  iPad, iPhone | News | 17 April
Free paper
Machinarium manufacturer Amanita Design will release Botanicula on iPad in May  iPad, Android | News | 17 April
An Android edition is in the works, too
Junk Jack X has been updated with a bunch of Easter-related and non-Easter-related new content  iPad, iPhone | News | 17 April
Junk bunnies
Polymer, Fixpoint Production's Silver Award-winning blobby block sliding colour puzzle, is finally out for Android  Android | News | 17 April
Star Wars Pinball is getting even more Star Wars-ier with some new themed tables for iOS, Android, and Vita  Android, Multiformat | News | 17 April
Use the force
1849, SomaSim's gold rush set city building sim, is set to hit iPad and Android tablets on May 8th  iPad, Android | News | 17 April
Thar be gold in them thar app stores
[Update] Out now: Hitman GO lets you shuffle round vignettes and knock people off on iPad and iPhone  iPad, iPhone | News | 17 April
Hitman, go! (Updated with PG First Play video)
Blizzard's strategic CCG Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available for iPad  iPad | News | 16 April
Android and iPhone versions coming later
Frozen Synapse: Red expansion pack brings full co-op and a new single player campaign to your iPad  iPad | News | 16 April
And yes - it's very, very red
[Update] Notorious Inc is a supervillain simulator that lets you buy narcotics from a sock puppet  iPhone, Android, iPad | News | 16 April
Now that's evil
Out There dev says the game 'would not make much sense' with IAPs  iPad, Android, iPhone | News | 16 April
We agree
Six to Start updates Zombies, Run! with more weekly missions and an interval training mode  Android, iPhone | News | 16 April
Get those knees up
Skullduggery! is an upcoming iOS and Android game about flinging a debt-collecting skull by its brain  Android, iPhone, iPad | News | 16 April
Use your head
AppSpy's Eye on the App Store will be streaming this week's best new iOS releases on Twitch at 5pm GMT / 9am PST  iPhone, iPad | News | 16 April
Including Hitman GO, Unpossible, Icarush, and more
Mysterious story-driven game Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering might be heading to tablets  Android, iPad | News | 16 April
Soak up the ambience
Strategic iOS puzzler Bezircle will have you running circles around your friends on April 30th  iPad, iPhone | News | 16 April
Catch me if you can
The Voyage, Mojo Bones's multi-paged piratical adventure book, is now available on Android  Android | News | 16 April
Out at midnight: Yomi is a strategy battler that lets you whomp your foes with powerful cards on iPad  iPad | News | 16 April
Smack down
Out at midnight: Unpossible is a twitchy tube rider with an impressive style for iPad and iPhone  iPad, iPhone | News | 16 April
With PG First Play video