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 latest news
Loads of PS1 and PSP games have magically become available for download on PS Vita  PS Vita | News | 23 April
PS I love you
Humble Mobile Bundle 5 adds R-Type, Paper Monsters, and Enviro-Bear 2010 to its roster  Android | News | 23 April
Pack them in tight
The Room 2 and Shadowrun Returns are the headliners in Google's spring sale for Android  Android | News | 23 April
Hop to it
The first two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 2 are finally available on PS Vita  PS Vita | News | 23 April
Zombies in my pocket
Robot vs aliens - XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to Android 'soon'  Android | News | 23 April
The XCOM project expands its reach
Here's what Earthworm Jim designer's graphic novel racer SXPD will look like  iPad | News | 22 April
Currently out in Canada
Have giant sword, will travel - Ragnarok Odyssey Ace coming to Europe next week  PS Vita | News | 22 April
Time to tidy up your memory card
Get ready to use a wrecking ball to smash the government in Wreckman: Rise of a Hero for iOS  iPad, iPhone | News | 22 April
Alien activity
AppSpy will be streaming The Wolf Among Us on Twitch at 5pm GMT / 9am PDT / 12pm EDT  iPad, iPhone | News | 22 April
Like The Walking Dead... but with more life to it
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is dancing over from Japan to North America on 3DS  3DS | News | 22 April
Kick out your legs
Brand-new Ace Attorney title could be heading to 3DS  3DS | News | 22 April
Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke is a sort-of prequel
Nintendo unveils not 1, not 2, but 3 DLC packs for Mario Golf: World Tour on 3DS  3DS | News | 22 April
Bamba is an upcoming quirky unicycling game for iOS and Android  iPhone, Android, iPad | News | 22 April
Keep your back straight
Atomic+, Amidos Games's twitchy Silver Award-winning arcade belter, is free for today on iPad and iPhone  iPad, iPhone | News | 22 April
Get it while it's hot
Word Up Dog, the Bronze Award-winning letter puzzler, is free for iPhone and iPad right now  iPad, iPhone | News | 22 April
Warbits is an intriguing looking upcoming Advance Wars-style strategiser for iPad and iPhone  iPad, iPhone | News | 22 April
Another Warbits the dust
Apple and Google are offering to heavily promote games in their app stores in exchange for exclusivity  iPad, Android, iPhone | News | 22 April
Well I never
Monument Valley, ustwo's Gold Award-winning architectural puzzler, will be getting some new levels in the not-too-distant future  iPad, Multiformat | News | 22 April
Android version in the works as well
Guacamelee! dev's upcoming Severed will be a bit Mega Man and a bit Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!  iPhone, iPad, PS Vita | News | 21 April
Get equipped with Piston Hondo?
Indie puzzler 10000000 is on sale for 99c / 69p over on Google Play  Android | News | 21 April
Score one for the Android side