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 latest Facebook and social gaming updates
Think you can do a better job than Red Sox owner John W. Henry?  Facebook and social | News | 07 May
Have a swing at Konami's MLB Live Challenge
PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: iOS to be flattened, Minecraft Pocket hits 10 million, and Zynga attempts a 'sticky' sequel  Facebook and social | Feature | 04 May
The past 7 days in bite-sized portions
We've only gone and launched our new mobile site...  Facebook and social | News | 18 April
... and here are just a few of its cool features
EA to kill Facebook games The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society on June 14th  Facebook and social | News | 15 April
Tear it all down
PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: The Apple gamepad, Facebook Home and the game that nearly broke Halfbrick  Facebook and social | Feature | 06 April
The past 7 days in bite-sized portions
Make Facebook your Home with the incredibly social HTC First  Facebook and social | News | 05 April
Do you really Like it? Is it, is it wicked?
Solitaire Blitz  Facebook and social | Game review | 27 March
Patience required
Plants vs Zombies 2 to break App Store soil early this summer  Facebook and social | News | 27 March
Facebook-exclusive Plants vs Zombies Adventures blooming in spring
Endgame: Syria fights its way past Apple's rejections, emerges as Endgame: Eurasia  Facebook and social | News | 21 March
A bitter endgame
OMGPOP CEO confirms Draw Something 2 is 'coming soon'  Facebook and social | News | 19 March
Another slice of pie
 Facebook and social | Video | 12 March
Animal Crossing meets Harvest Moon meets Zelda
 Facebook and social | Video | 07 March
What happens when rock legend Slash drops by Rovio HQ?
It's the end of CivWorld as we know it, and I feel meh...  Facebook and social | News | 04 March
Empire to fall on May 29th
Tune in to the premiere of Rovio's cartoon series Angry Birds Toons on March 16th  Facebook and social | News | 26 February
Animation station
Zynga and EA resolve The Ville copyright case out of court  Facebook and social | News | 18 February
Move to settle
[Update] Triple Town developer's cute new game is basically SpaceChem in multiplayer  Facebook and social | News | 31 January
Spry Fox launches Leap Day in your browser (Updated: Coming to mobile)
Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook beta introduces thermal detonators and blaster droids  Facebook and social | News | 17 December
Mobile power-ups incoming?
American McGee's Crazy Fairies brings turn-based action to Android  Facebook and social | News | 28 November
Available now in beta
Charming browser-based MMO Glitch to close in December  Facebook and social | News | 15 November
First impressions of Words With Friends and Draw Something... the boardgames?!  Facebook and social | Out there | 06 November
Reach out and touch Zynga