Crushing defeats, soaring victories
By Harry Slater 13 June 2013
Game Name: Crush! | Developer: Radiangames | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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Crush! is a game about being in constant jeopardy. A single wrong move can bring a game to a calamitous and sudden end, and you will make a wrong move. In fact, most of the moves you make to begin with will be the wrong move.

The game fosters an urgency that few other puzzlers can match, mixing its simple gameplay with an arcade sensibility to create a game experience that anyone can pick up and enjoy but only the fleet of finger, or the very lucky, will ever be any good at.


Crush! is all about clearing blocks. There are three different colours and all of them are moving steadily towards the edge of the screen. Tapping on a collection of blocks of the same colour clears them all, although here you can clear single blocks as well.

Cleverly, the rows of blocks wrap back around themselves, meaning you can use blocks on one side of the pile to connect and clear blocks on the other side of the pile. As you play you unlock special powers as well.

These can be used once you've scored enough points, but also act as extra lives. If the pile of blocks reaches the end of the screen when you have an unused power, then it'll collapse down, giving you more time to try and score more points.

The special powers range from one that slows down the ever-increasing pile to one that clears every block of one colour from the screen. They can change the flow of a game completely, and learning when to use them is essential.

Original crush

Crush! manages to feel fresh and familiar at the same time. It never holds your hand, but it never drowns you in new ideas either. A unique style and a fantastic soundtrack complete an exceptionally well polished package. This is a game that oozes quality.

It might not have the longevity of some games, and some might find the difficulty a little too high for their taste, but Crush! is a brilliant and entertaining puzzler that will have you frantically tapping well into the night.

A clever and fast-paced puzzler that will keep you on your toes, Crush! is an awful lot harder, and more rewarding, than it looks
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