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How to use Samsung's Kies desktop application
Like iTunes for your Wave
Product: Kies | Publisher: Samsung
Kies Bada, thumbnail 1
What is Kies?

Despite its stupid name, Kies is Samsung's desktop utility for getting various types of media - games, music, videos, podcasts etc - onto your phone from your PC (Windows only).

In technical talk, then, it's multimedia management software providing easy data backup and convenient purchase features so equivalent to Apple's iTunes for iPhone and Sony's Media Manager for PSP.

It's worth noting, however, that Kies currently only supports the Wave (S8500) phone.

For the record, the version I installed was v1.5.1.10074_2

This is the simple bit. Go to the Samsung Apps website (http://www.samsungapps.com/about/onPc.as) to download the .exe. You can also watch a tutorial video and download the user guide.

Once you've downloaded the .exe, do the usual double click on the desktop icon to start the installer.

This runs you through various steps such as choosing your country and language (see below) and what specific elements you want to install.

I needed a couple of attempts to complete the full sequence as it kept crashing for no apparent reason.

Note that the fourth step in the installation process requires the installer to download more files including .NET Framework. This took a long time - about 30 minutes. (For the record, I'm still on Windows XP so it might be quicker for newer OSes.)

You'll also have to restart your PC once Kies is installed.


Once you've finally installed Kies and booted it up, you see this nice user guide. It's worth quickly clicking through this to get an idea of how the various elements work.

Of course, you'll need to connect your phone to your PC via USB to be able to transfer files (or you can use Bluetooth if you have that supported on your PC and you're happy for transfers to take a long time).

In terms of the Wave, you have to shut down all running apps and widgets on the phone to be able to successfully connect.

You do this by holding down the main Menu button (the big diamond-shaped one on the Wave) on the phone and selecting the End all applications prompt. You will then see the Connecting the device prompt on the right hand side of the Kies screen.

Once you're connected, your Wave will say 'Connected' with a USB icon on its screen, while your device type and phone number should be displayed on the upper right hand side of the Kies screen.

I've partially hidden my number for reasons of national security. 

Click on the cog in the far right of the Kies widget menu to open the Settings menu. This enables various options such as how Kies boots up, theme customisation, and selecting which widgets you want to set up in the main Apple OS X-style menu at the bottom of the screen.

You can also have direct icons to web sites such as YouTube and Flickr. You can see these on the far right of the screen, and can drag-and-drop content from your phone directly onto them.


Reviewer photo
Jon Jordan 4 September 2010
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Dec 2011
Post count:
koushik | 18:11 - 19 December 2011
did the kies helps in connecting pc through internet on mobile from mobile to pc

Aug 2011
Post count:
voice | 14:51 - 10 August 2011
i downloaded samsung kies, it gets installed but i want to buy apps from it. but it doesent have the store option to buy samsung apps lke it does in the totorial...:/
Apr 2011
Post count:
Demetrio | 19:10 - 4 April 2011
please I need some help!!
How could I import multiples vcards from my PC to the Galaxy S.
Anonymous | 09:15 - 7 November 2010
I purchased Galaxy 5 yesterday.
They gave keis 1.5.0 version along with that
I pre used iphone.
But this luks very clumsy, wihout even having a site dedicated to Kies

Can anyone point me to correct direction as to where to look for resources as tto how to use kies and manage my phone properly.
Anonymous | 18:14 - 14 September 2010
Hi! I am trying to install Kies on my computer. When I get to step number 4 the process starts but it only reaches 1% and then after a couple of minutes I get an error message saying the installation is aborted. I tried several times but I get the same message....can anyone please help me?

Anonymous | 17:51 - 9 September 2010
heij jayne scott how are you installed the version v1.5.1.10074_2 please tell me i have also the samsung monte and i will too samsung appstore on my phone please tell me !
Oct 2006
Post count:
splat | 17:00 - 6 September 2010
Note Kies is the PC utility and Samsung Apps is the App Store, which is available on your smartphone, via the web and via Kies.

As for what handsets Kies supports, officially it seems to be just bada devices - definitely not Android devices like the Galaxy S - but as with Samsung Apps, Samsung is adding other devices into the mix such as Omnia/Montes
Sep 2010
Post count:
lizardlord | 11:41 - 5 September 2010
big bazzer. samsung apps dont work in kies, tells me to download latest
soft ware, there aint none.
Anonymous | 11:29 - 5 September 2010
i crnt seem to get the samsung apps working on kies and im using a samsung galaxy S. any ideas?
Anonymous | 09:20 - 4 September 2010
And I am on a Samsung Galaxy S running in conjuction with Kies.
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