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How to fix DS calibration problems
Sort out those problems you've been having with the DS touchscreen
Product: True | Genre: True
Now that it's not so shiny and new any more, many gamers are finding their DS touchscreens are becoming less responsive and a little unreliable. Before you get Nintendo to replace your console though, it's worth trying a few things out to see if you can fix it, as often it's just a case of a bit of dust strapped under the screen.

(Note: the repair suggestion below is done at your own risk, and we cannot take any responsibility for the outcome. If you're all fingers and thumbs from bashing too many buttons over the years, don't attempt it!)

Much like when you used to watch Blue Peter, you're going to have to gather a few household items together: a hard, small-headed toothbrush, a cloth and your DS.
ds calibration how to 1

Turn your DS on and tap the settings icon. It's at the bottom, in the middle. Tap the yellow icon on the far left. Tap the red squares to calibrate your screen then confirm.
ds calibration how to 2

If that hasn't helped we're going to have to get our hands dirty. Hold your DS vertically, as shown in the picture and grab your toothbrush.
ds calibration how to 3

Press down on the touchscreen to make a gap between it and the plastic border. You need to be careful here, the DS is pretty resilient but it will be possible to break it if you exert too much pressure. You only need enough space to get a couple of the brustles of your toothbrush in.
ds calibration how to 4

Work your way around the whole of the touchscreen border with the toothbrush. You'll need to move where you're applying pressure. You probably won't notice any dirt coming out and it'll feel a bit unsatisfying but it is working, it's just that the screen's really sensitive and a tiny bit of dust could have caused the problem. When you're finished, repeat the calibration procedure.
ds calibration how to 5

A good way to test if it's worked is with Pictochat. Try to colour the whole screen in black and, if the cleaning has worked, you should be able to do it in not too long. If it's still not working after you repeat steps three to five, consider replacing your DS.

Pocket Gamer will also not be held responsible for any dental work required should you ruin your toothbrush.

Don't miss our other DS How Tos.
ds calibration how to 6


Reviewer photo
Robert Howells 8 February 2007
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Mar 2012
Post count:
adi_grace | 05:19 - 25 March 2012
its not working. i have had this ds for about 5 years now ahaha and it has been this way for about 3 or 2 years. someone please post something which will actually work please?
Feb 2012
Post count:
Firestar9989 | 20:26 - 26 February 2012
Hey my dsi xl is having problems i am tring to get on pokemon GTS i can but it will not stay ling it says GTS search failed and i went to opcitins to get on it longer and it not working my connction falied
Feb 2012
Post count:
Cillitbang | 18:58 - 25 February 2012
I've tried everything, and I'm willing to replace the touch screen. However, being as the issue is with the calibration (as opposed to, for example, the screen not responding when touched) I don't know if this will solve the problem. Has anyone tried replacing the touch screen, to solve the 'calinration never ends' problem? If so, please comment if it worked or not! I can't afford a new console!!
Jun 2011
Post count:
Rebexii | 12:29 - 11 June 2011
Thank you wow it worked had to pat it abit and there I had it! Thanks a bunch!
Anonymous | 16:22 - 2 March 2011
did not work so i smashed it with a hammer!!!!problem solved no more woring bout it :)
Anonymous | 16:28 - 27 February 2011
its didnt work for me but will keep trying when i try to touch red little boxes nothing happens plz help !!!
Anonymous | 01:42 - 18 January 2011
the calibration never ends man
Anonymous | 20:29 - 10 November 2010
What actually is thge answer to making it work again?

You ppl are all just typing "wow thanks so much it worked."

Anonymous | 21:46 - 4 August 2010
Thx guys dis was surely the problem now i play all my war games perfectly
Anonymous | 20:19 - 9 June 2010
i did ever step does not work this sucks
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