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How to make an American iTunes account
Living the American iDream
Product: iTunes | Publisher: Apple
iTunes iPhone, thumbnail 1
Ah, America. The land of freedom, liberty, and redeemable promo codes. Turns out there are are two very good reasons to set yourself up with an American App Store account.

Promo codes, which give you a free download for a specific app, are only redeemable on the US store. And some releases, like Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 and Split/Second, take their sweet time when travelling across the Atlantic.

It's not rocket science, but Apple doesn't want any old Tom, Dick, or Harry making a secondary account, so it definitely won't make things easy for you. Follow our step by step guide to get the low-down on sneaking across the border, and living the American Dream.

Step 1 - Change stores

In the bottom right hand corner of the App Store is a little Union Jack flag (or whatever country you're currently in, iTunes supports a massive 90 different stores around the world). Click it. You can now choose a store to log into, so choose United States.

Step 2 - Don't jump the gun

Woah now. We know you're excited about seeing all these dollar signs and references to Justin Bieber, but if you go straight to the 'Create Account' option under Store you'll only get so far until iTunes forces you to enter some payment details. Not cool.

Step 3 - Attempt to download a free app

Instead, download a Free App. That's the important bit, it must be an app that costs zilch. iTunes will pop up a message asking you to sign in or create an account, choose Create New Account.

Step 4 - Make an account

Go through the usual rigmarole: agree to the Terms and Conditions, choose a password, and select a secret question. Now, though, you can choose "None" as your payment choice. Obviously, choose it.

Step 5 - Fake an address

You'll now need to find a legitimate American address. There are plenty of resources out there in Google Land, but we've had the most success typing in things like 'Florida Bakery' or 'Oregon Zoo'. The important parts are getting the State and Zip Code to correspond.

Step 6 - Redeem a promo code

Promo codes give you a free download of a specific app. We give most of them away to you guys every now and again, so this is what you need to click. Go to the iTunes Store home (not the App Store, but the actual 'home' button) and click Redeem in the quick links. Paste your code there. It will now download.

Step 7 - Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

If you're not lucky enough to win a promo code from your pals at Pocket Gamer, you might resign yourself to actually buying an app. Instead of messing about with American credit cards, just purchase an iTunes gift card (or get a Stateside buddy to waltz into his nearest Best Buy and email you to redemption code) to fill your new American account with lovely dollars.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 18 May 2010
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Jun 2013
Post count:
@4SaleUSA | 18:48 - 8 June 2013
Yes but if you want to buy from any country you need to have itunes gift cards I went by many stores and only netstrada , 4saleusa sell them relatively cheap worldwide comparing to ebay or dibuu auctions.
Nov 2012
Post count:
@MissMimi1988 | 23:04 - 19 November 2012
It worked great, thank you! I did this on my laptop and just entered a coffee shop address I found online. I then downloaded an app I already received by email, which I couldn't download on the UK itunes :)
Anonymous | 22:07 - 15 October 2010
Followed the instructions to the letter and i get invalid credit card when none is picked. Also does not work via an iphone, ipad and ipod
Anonymous | 11:33 - 26 May 2010

I am sure I checked none. If you select a payment it requires the details, if you select none it asks for the address details. I put in the address details fine and then it comes back with the payment error message.

Very frustrating indeed :(
Anonymous | 17:42 - 25 May 2010
I think they may have cottoned on. I followed instructions exactly as above, choosing none for payment option. I have used 3 different US addresses including the NH one joe gave and all three came back "Your credit card was declined, please enter valid credit card information"

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
Anonymous | 22:23 - 18 May 2010
Do you lose any of your apps or purchases when you change the country?
Anonymous | 19:05 - 18 May 2010
Thanks! Worked perfectly. :)