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How to download and transfer games onto iPod
Apple now sells iPod games through its iTunes Store. Here's how to get them
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Got a fifth-generation iPod? You may be aware that you can now buy iPod games from Apple's iTunes store. Nine games were released at launch, and we're going to be reviewing every single one of 'em on Pocket Gamer, plus any released in the future, in our dedicated iPod section. If you're not sure if yours is a fifth-generation iPod, check the iPod Wikipedia page. If the news is good, read on to discover how easy it is to get the games.

Get started by opening your iTunes, then clicking on the iTunes Store link on the left-hand side. From the store homepage, click on iPod Games to see the full list of what's available to download.
How to download iPod games pic1

Click on a game to see more information about it, including its price (they're all £3.99 at the moment), notes about the game itself, and reviews from other users. There's also a Preview button. Click this to see a short video of the game in action, which should help you make your mind up (as should our reviews!).
How to download iPod games pic2

When you've chosen the game or games that you want to download, click on the Shopping Cart link on the left-hand menu bar. You'll see a list of what you've cued up for download, and the total price. Click Buy Now and enter your iTunes Store password to start the process.
How to download iPod games pic3


You can check on their progress on the download screen, which has bars showing how much of each game has been downloaded. Some of them are fairly hefty, but it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes for any one title. Play some favourite tunes while you're waiting. Arctic Monkeys, anyone?
How to download iPod games pic4

Once the games have downloaded, you can browse what you've bought by clicking on iPod Games under your Library, at the top left of the screen. Click on a game to see full instructions, details of the play modes, and a handy controls diagram.
How to download iPod games pic5

Finally, make sure your games have been synched with your iPod by clicking on its name under Devices in the left-hand menu bar – in my case, 'Stu's iPod' – and then clicking on the Games tab. Our advice is to use the Sync All Games option to ensure that everything you buy is automatically transferred. Now you're ready to play! Just turn on your iPod, go to the games menu, and prepare for action.

Wondering what games to play? Check out our iPod game reviews (and our iPhone and iPod Touch games section).

How to download iPod games pic6


Reviewer photo
Stuart Dredge 25 September 2006
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May 2012
Post count:
tyty | 21:44 - 9 May 2012
Hay i dont know how to put games on my ipod touch i have 2 have wifi thats kinda crazi to hve wifi instead of dwnloading app
Apr 2012
Post count:
Jashawnrodriguez | 20:09 - 17 April 2012
HOw do i make a game folder
Mar 2012
Post count:
shahad561 | 12:16 - 19 March 2012
i have an ipod nano 5th generation and i dont know how to downloadd the games to it please help me
Feb 2012
Post count:
raunit sah | 13:50 - 20 February 2012
hey i have an ipod nano click wheel nut i dont know how to download games for it please help me
Nov 2011
Post count:
Hndsme | 20:35 - 9 November 2011
where do you get a game tab in itunes???
Oct 2011
Post count:
looba | 14:08 - 8 October 2011
i have an ipod nano 5th gen and i dunno where to download games from and howw? plzzzzzzzzzz help me if u can cuz my mum is gonna be angry soon !!
i have no brothers and sisters and noone nows how to do that ! btw im only 6 years old!
Anonymous | 09:03 - 12 January 2011

I have Ipod nano 3g.....but I am unable to put applications and games to it ........plz help me with it...
Anonymous | 08:51 - 9 January 2011
Hey I got my ipod nano!!! But I dunn no how to get games..... I dunn want to pay cuz my parents dunn want meh to, and ya. so can someone help meh how to download games on itunes? im confused....XP
Anonymous | 08:49 - 25 December 2010
Just got my ipod 4 x-mas and no matter what i do the games just will not go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every litle thing i have tried is not working!!! All i want to do is transfer games from the internet into my ipod!!! PLz someone help me!!! Im desperate! :)
Anonymous | 18:48 - 3 November 2010
Help I tryed everything
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