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With so many different apps of such varying quality across so many formats, the mobile and tablet market demands a media outlet with the knowledge, expertise and drive to guide an enthusiastic and constantly growing audience. That's where Pocket Gamer comes in.

Created by an experienced team of games industry publishing professionals, Pocket Gamer acts as a news resource, buyer’s guide, and interactive community across a range of formats such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, 3DS, PS Vita and Mobile.

So if you want to be a part of Pocket Gamer and advertise your app with us - or discuss any other business opportunities - please contact our Sales Manager Alex Rennie at alex@pocketgamer.co.uk

Please don't leave comments enquiring about advertising in the comments section below though, as we could miss your enquiry - and we definitely don't want that.

Pocket Gamer delivers...

A 100% pocket gaming dedicated audience, covering a range of age groups.

- Clearly divided sections for each mobile format - which means you can specify the sections of the site you wish to advertise across.

- The best news, features, and reviews across all mobile and tablet gaming formats.

An opportunity for mobile gamers to see beyond just the big brands and to help find the hidden gaming gems – as well as frequent opportunities to learn about mobile gaming's past.

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Simon Reed 14 February 2006
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Jul 2014
Post count:
geetka | 09:08 - 26 July 2014
Baby Girl Fashion Suit is a good app for making amazing and good photos.This app has large 
collection of designer suits for men.Set the image on your photo or apply the different images 
of suits and see the effect.You can simply click a photo or browse from gallery and place it to the 
dress provided in this application. for further information @https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=FormationApps&hl=en

Jun 2014
Post count:
Oli Perez | 16:53 - 11 June 2014
Hello, We are an indie developers game, I'm looking for an appreview sites:

I would info about the promotions, If you need some info or videos about my app you only have to say me :)


That's my app link:


- ?Slim Piano Tile Musician 2016 -

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fast-Tapps/511013992352278?ref=bookmarks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fasttapps

Consultar ?Slim Piano Tile Musician 2016 - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fastntapps.mastermusicianpianotile

#gamers #videogame #gaming #game
Jun 2014
Post count:
Nguyen Van | 14:03 - 8 June 2014
I'd like to present out first puzzle game Touch The Bomb to your review team.

Download link:

Intro Video:

We would very appreciate it if you could review this game!

Here is a small introduction of game:

Touch The Bomb: blow up the penguin!

Arcade and puzzle games firmly settled in our lives. It is understandable, these games are very easy to play because of their overall simplicity and unpretentiousness. However, there are instances of the opposite. At first glance they seem to be as simple, but it's worth a couple of levels to pass and "rushed", we have to puzzle over, at times, obvious solutions. It refers to such games and game «Touch The Bomb» from developer «CEGames».

Platform: Android
Version: 4.0
Requirements: Android 2.0 +
Category: Arcade, Puzzle
Cost: Free

So, «Touch The Bomb» player acts as a wise penguin governing small group for those not born to the flight of birds . It all begins when near their habitats plane drops big boxes with material aid. This tells us little introductory video . And everything seems to be nothing but boxes were incredibly difficult , and move them from place small penguins appeared impossible . And here comes into play our hero . Little thought, he realized that you can move any boxes ( or indeed anything, for that matter) , exploding nearby dynamite . No sooner said than done . Distributing a couple of his players on the saber , he proceeded to a safe distance transportation. One unclear where the penguins dynamite ? Probably from careless fishermen stayed :)

Well , let's start . After selecting the level noted above and viewing the video , we begin , in fact, play . Here we have the coveted Supply Crate and several penguins with dynamite . Our task - to move this same box to the hole in the bottom of the game screen. And if you have contrived to simultaneously collect spilled candy and asterisks - the better. To do this, we explode penguins. Explosive power is regulated duration clicking on the penguin with his sword . On the way from the box periodically obstacles arise , like sparkling spheres or electrical discharges , so deliver it to the destination , often incredibly difficult. And in some levels and at all there are additional bonuses that you need to collect before the time expires .

In short , «Touch The Bomb» - something entirely new in the genre of puzzles based on physics. Unique game mechanics makes penguins blow again and again , until finally , a box reaches long-sought goal . This simple at first glance , but very complicated in fact, this game is its long and addictive. A beautiful graphics, spectacular effects , funny characters and nice music make the game to get maximum pleasure. Overall, worth a try. By the way, in the near future game gets not only to devices based on Android OS, but also for other mobile platform too.

Thank you very much!
P.S. from Russia with Love
May 2014
Post count:
amanrec | 19:28 - 6 May 2014
Hello Pocketgamer,

I would like you to publish app which I developed.

*App Name: GimmiQ

*Gameplay Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCAFVyvvZzE

*App website URL:

*App store URL:

*App description:
This game is a game that leads to the goal the player with a variety of gimmick. It is playable with one finger.
This game is ios terminal.

Thanks for reading in busy.
Jul 2011
Post count:
SimonReed | 16:02 - 3 March 2014
@mobyiapps & Iveck (and all the others below you really): For editorial consideration please email news@pocketgamer.co.uk.

I've also just sent you both an email about the ad opportunities we can offer across Pocket Gamer if that is of interest. Please feel free to contact me at simon.reed@steelmedia.co.uk too though.

@freezbees: Sadly I don't need a loan right now, but will bear you in mind if I do.
Mar 2014
Post count:
Iveck | 12:12 - 1 March 2014
I’m the developer of Space Shooter.

The goal of the game is to survive as long as you can.
Gold can be earned for shooting asteroids and other object that get in your way.
This gold can be used to upgrade you ship, or to buy a new ship.

This is the gameplay video of the first ship:
This is the gameplay video of the second ship:

The game is available on the google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Daydream.Space_Shooter

Thank you for your time.
Feb 2014
Post count:
mobyiapps | 09:47 - 25 February 2014

We would like to submit one of our app for review and kindly update this app in your app directory as soon as possible.

We already got 10k to 50k installs and believe might be useful for other users.

App Name: Track My Budget - Money Planner

App URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobyi.trackmybudget.moneyplanner

App Description: Managing money on the go is easier with Track My Budget! This app helps in tracking all your expenses and incomes so you get a complete financial overview of you earning and spending and to monitor your budgets efficiently.

To more effectively manage your budgets, you need a budget planner that makes keeping track of your expenses fun and easy. Graphs provided by the application give you a clear and synthetic view of your transactions and their breakdown into category wise expense & income overview. You can easily create different categories as per your daily needs like: Food, Clothing, Living, Entertainment, Travel, Education, Medical, Other, etc.

Kindly review and provide your feedback for the same. Waiting here for your positive and instant response.

Team Mobyi Apps
Feb 2014
Post count:
freezbees | 07:11 - 8 February 2014
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Feb 2014
Post count:
mrcezars | 09:08 - 3 February 2014
If you own and android device and you don't know what apps or games to use let us do the hard work. Subscribe to http://free-apps-android.com and you will get 7 free android apps on your email account daily.
Jan 2014
Post count:
@iphoneey | 02:41 - 21 January 2014

Top 2014 Apps and games
For iphone and ipad



BBM pin:

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: 60 comments >>