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How to download DS demos
Download DS demos from the Net for free with your PC Wi-Fi card
Product: True | Genre: True
Journalists are always bragging about the secret tech demos and videos they get to play at conferences, demos that are beamed around the show floors from Nintendo's servers for them to lap up with their limited edition consoles. Follow this guide to turn your home PC into one of those servers, enabling it to transmit games to your own DS for you to try out.

Before doing anything else, you need to check if your PC or laptop's wireless network card is compatible with the software. If it is, it'll be included in this list. If your card isn't included it won't work. You'll have to borrow or buy a compatible one.
DS how to download demos pic 1

Make sure you have your original card drivers and instructions handy. This is vital for changing your network card back into one that you can use for accessing your home network and connecting to the internet. When you're absolutely sure you've done this, download the DS driver. Unzip it by right clicking the file, selecting Extract all… and clicking Next a couple of times, as prompted.
How to download demos to DS pic 2

Open Control Panel by clicking Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. Double click System and choose the Hardware tab. Click Device Manager. Click the plus icon next to network adapters then find your network card on the list. Right click it and select Update Driver... to start the Hardware Update Wizard.
How to download demos to DS pic 3

Choose 'No, not this time' if you're asked if you want to connect to Windows Update, then 'Install from a list or specific location' on the next screen. Tick 'Include this location in the search' then click Browse and choose the directory you extracted the DS driver to earlier and click 'winxp' then 'i386' then Ok. Click Next one more time, then Finish.
How to download demos to DS pic 4

Download the Wireless Multiboot Application and unzip it. Download the demo of your choice from this page, saving it as 'demo.nds' in the folder you just extracted the Wireless Multiboot Application to. Open that folder then click and hold the left mouse button on your newly downloaded 'demo.nds' and drag it into the 'data' folder. Right click wmb.exe and click Create Shortcut. Right click the shortcut you just made, select Properties and add ' -data demo.nds' to the end of the 'Target:' box, after the closing quotation marks. Click Ok and run the shortcut by double-clicking it.
How to download demos to DS pic 5

What a lot of work. Here's the fun bit: start your DS and select DS Download Play. If you've done everything right the name of your demo will appear. Click it to begin the transfer then start playing. Remember to reinstall your network card's original drivers when you've finished playing the demo so you can get back on the internet to visit Pocket Gamer.

Don't miss our other DS How Tos.
How to download demos to DS pic 6


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Robert Howells 18 August 2006
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Nov 2011
Post count:
mactech1984 | 03:18 - 13 November 2011
wouldn't it be easier to just command prompt instead of creating a shortcut?
also, is there a Mac or Linux version of this, because micro$oft is kind of gay and windows sux.
Oct 2011
Post count:
MrManaphy | 15:02 - 10 October 2011
May 2011
Post count:
EGGIE010 | 19:21 - 1 May 2011
IT DOES NOT WORK SHESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous | 16:02 - 15 April 2010
i need help with d shortcut part where it says make sure the path and filename r correct
Apr 2010
Post count:
booneb50 | 11:12 - 15 April 2010
I think I know why the USB devices are not being recognized. The INF file does not have any device information for USB, it only has setup information for PCI & PCMCIA devices.
Anonymous | 10:18 - 22 August 2009
Just get the Nintendo Channel for the wii. A lot easier.
Anonymous | 05:45 - 10 August 2009
doesnt work!
Anonymous | 18:43 - 1 April 2009
hey this is cool and all but not having a card off the list means i cant do it is there maybe a way to homebrew the wii to run these demos from an sd since the wii is already setup to communicate to the ds and vice versa
Anonymous | 13:05 - 22 March 2009
Just follow directions!
Anonymous | 13:01 - 22 March 2009
Just follow directions!
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