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In time, Pocket Gamer will tell you how to do absolutely everything. But for now, why not choose from one of the following guides?
 Hearthstone Dungeon Run Guide: Classes and Cards
Get a boost past the bosses
 Paragon on NVIDIA SHIELD: guide to essential structures
An epic game from Epic Games
 An essential beginner’s guide to Shadowblood
No more blood sweet and tears needed...
 A beginner’s guide to Art of Conquest
How to give your enemies an art attack
 Beginner's guide to playing poker
Get started with Pokerist
 Battle Bay beginner's guide
How to get started with Rovio's nautical shooter
 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe beginner's tips - How to get started
Get a turbo start on Nintendo's new racer
 How to access the Japanese eShop on your Nintendo Switch
Or any other region for that matter
 Sharpen your silky skills with our beginners guide to Tiny Striker: World Football
Learn to play Tiny Striker like a footballing giant
 Adventure puzzler Tiles & Tales has received a UK release – Here’s how to get started
Shuffle your way to glory in this new action-puzzle game
 3 top tips for conquering Ninja Spinki Challenges!!
Ninja skills
 Master the Stone Age with our guide to Stonies, out now on iOS and Android
Don't have a rocky time
 Vanquish your foes and rule the high seas with our guide to Playing Oceans and Empires
Avast ye scurvy devils
 Super Cat Tales tips and tricks - How to be a puuurrr-fect platformer
A group of felines with more than just 9 lives
 8 Ball Pool – Your Quick Start Guide To Potting Like A Pro
All the tips you need to be an instant cuemaster
 Juju on the Beat tips and tricks - How to stay alive long enough to get that all-important high score
And get rid of ads for free
 Fallout 4: How to use the Pip-Boy companion app on iOS and Android
Mr. Handy
 How to use a Bluetooth controller with Apple TV
Connect four (or one)
 How to play Amiga games on your Android, with the UAE4Droid emulator
Ah, memories
 How to add any game to Steam, and set custom cover art
Minecraft on Steam! Yes, really
 How to take a screenshot on the Apple Watch
Tiny pictures
 How to get games on your Apple Watch
Time to play
 How to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone
Time to get started
 [Update] How to get Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Buy, claim, download
 How to redeem promo codes on iPhone and iPad
Get free games!
 How to transfer data to a New Nintendo 3DS, from a 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS
Going up in the world
 How to get your 14 day refund on the iOS App Store
For EU customers only
 How to use PS4 Remote Play on any Android phone or tablet
ET phone home
 [Update] iOS Emulator: How to play NES and SNES games on your iPhone or iPad, without a jailbreak
Get in quick! (Updated: The app is gone)
 How to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon X and Y to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Three sure-fire methods to get your 'mon across to ORAS
 How to play classic RPGs on your Android device with ExaGear RPG
Because nothing looks as good on your modern phone than an aged RPG
 How to use your iPhone or Android as a SingStar mic on PS3 and PS4
 How to record video of iPhone and iPad games with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
No capture card required
 [Update] How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 7 in 3 easy steps
Revert before it's too late (Updated: It's too late)
 How to play PC games on your Android phone or tablet with DosBox
Classic computing on the go
 iOS 8 tips - How to install custom keyboards like Fleksy and Swype
Keyboard cat
 iOS 8 tips - How to save battery on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 edition)
8 ways to fix battery life issues
 iOS 8 tips - How to make a time-lapse video in the Camera app
 iOS 8 tips - How to install, use, and remove share extensions
Have a look at this
 iOS 8 tips - How to share your location with friends in Messages
Where am I?
 iOS 8 tips - How to install, use, and remove widgets from Notification Center
At a glance
 How to play SNES games on your Nvidia Shield
The best Android emulator for Super Nintendo games
 How to record and stream iPhone and iPad games
Be a Twitch superstar or a YouTube celebrity in no time
 How to play Nintendo DS games on iPhone and iPad with NDS4iOS (No jailbreak required)
2 screens are better than 1
 [Updated] How to get a New Zealand iTunes account in the UK or US
Now with the right details
 How to play GBA games on iPhone and iPad with GBA4iOS 2.0 (No jailbreak required)
Get a Game Boy Advance on iOS in minutes
 How to restore Flappy Bird to your iPhone or iPad
Put Flappy Bird under lock and key
 How to get your free Celebi from Pokemon Bank on 3DS
A legendary tutorial
 How to play Dreamcast games on Android with the Reicast emulator
Play games from Sega's best console on your Android phone or tablet
 How to play PlayStation 4 games on your Vita via Remote Play
From big screen to small screen
 [Update] iOS Emulation - How to play GBA games on your iPhone without a jailbreak
Advance Wars on iPod touch? Yes, please (Updated: Working again!)
 Ouya Emulation - How to play SNES games on your Ouya
With Ouya emulator Snes9x EX Plus
 How to upload a screenshot or picture to Imgur and use it in Pocket Gamer's comments section
Oh snap!
 How to turn your photos into Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR codes
With free iPhone app QR MyDesign Assistant
 How to play Nintendo 64 games on Android - with the best N64 emulator
Hey, Ocarina
 How to build a Minecraft model with the Minecraft Papercraft Studio app
Here's one I crafted earlier
 How to back up your save games on Android
For free, and without rooting your device
 How to play Spectrum games on Android - with the best emulator
Jet Set... Go
 How to disable annoying push notifications on iPhone or iPad
Spam filter
 How to disable in-app purchases on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
The nightmare is over
 How to request a refund from Apple
Cash back
 How to get a Canadian iTunes account in the US or UK
Play Respawnables, RAD Soldiers, Bookworm Heroes, or Middle Manager of Justice right now
 How to back up your Angry Birds save data on iPhone and iPad
Or, any game, really
 How to use Xbox 360 SmartGlass on your iPhone or iPad
Boxing clever
 How to use Xbox 360 SmartGlass on your Android
Even if your 'droid device is not compatible
 How to catch Pokemon and items with Pokemon Dream Radar, and transfer them to Pokemon Black and White Version 2
Catch 'em all in no time
 How to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown on your iPad or Android tablet
Or any PC game, for that matter
 How to connect a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller to your Nexus 7
Joy (pad)
 How to send Game Center challenges in iOS 6
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough
 How to play Shadow of the Colossus on PS Vita via Remote Play
Plus, Ico, God of War, and God of War II
 How to play SNES games on Android - with the best Super Nintendo emulator
Turn your phone into a Mario machine
 How to make and share your own Amazing Alex levels
Build your own incredible machine
 How to play PlayStation games on Android - with the best emulator
No longer a Final Fantasy
 How to use folders to organise your Nintendo 3DS apps and games
Make your menu screen that little bit prettier
 How to play GBA games on Android - with the best GBA emulator for Android
Now you're playing with (32 bits of) power
 How to earn trophies in pre-owned Vita games
Platinum advice
 How to download Nintendo 3DS demos
The Tester
 How to transfer media between your PS Vita and PC
Get connected
 How to download demos on the PS Vita
Try it yourself
 How to change the wallpaper on the PS Vita
Beautify your Vita menu experience
 How to set up wi-fi on the PS Vita
Play online and download new games
 How to change the start screen on the PS Vita
Personalise your Vita experience with this simple guide
 How to get into the Steam Mobile closed beta
Open the Valve
 How to mod Grand Theft Auto 3 for iPhone and iPad without a jailbreak
Drive the Batmobile in GTA 3, and other hacks
 How to connect a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller to OnLive for Android
Don't throw a pad-dy
 How to claim your 10 free GBA games
Grab 10 GBA classics now
 How to connect your Xperia Play to PS3
In medias res
 How to install iOS 5 on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Head in the iCloud
 iOS 5 tips - How to mirror iPad 2 or iPhone 4S wirelessly over AirPlay
Reflect on this
 iOS 5 tips - How to get the most out of Notification Center in iOS 5
Lifus interuptus
 iOS 5 tips - How to use multitasking gestures on iPad 2
Five-finger discount
 iOS 5 tips - How to use AssistiveTouch to control your iPhone or iPad with gestures
Touch me
 iOS 5 tips - How to set custom sounds, ringtones, and vibrations with iOS 5
Have it your way
 iOS 5 tips - How to add a custom word into your iOS dictionary
Oh, the profanity!
 iOS 5 tips - How to activate Twitter and tweet photos, websites, and locations in iOS 5
Fry's delight
 iOS 5 tips - How to require a password every time you buy something on iOS 5
How many Smurfberries does one child even need?
 iOS 5 tips - How to browse Safari without leaving a trace on iOS 5
Don't want your loved one to know that you've been shopping for gifts? Yeah, right
 iOS 5 tips - How to avoid exceeding your iCloud limit in iOS 5
iCloud atlas
 How to download the 3DS Ambassador Certificate
Prepare your handheld for the incoming GBA titles
 How to claim your 10 free NES games for your Nintendo 3DS
Grab some free retro gaming
 How to play Minecraft on your DS via DScraft
 How to sync iTunes music with the TouchPad
Things to note
 How to buy a game on the HP TouchPad
Thumbing through the Catalog
 How to find Xperia Play-optimised games
Pressing all the right buttons
 How to access the Amazon Appstore worldwide
Imaginary friends
 How to transfer DSiWare games to 3DS
Put your DSi to some good use
 How to add funds to your 3DS eShop account
Let's go eShopping together
 How to play SNES games on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
Super iPhone Entertainment System
 How to emulate classic consoles on your Xperia Play
(or any Android phone)
 How to buy a game on Windows Phone 7
Xbox marks the spot
 How to get the most from your old iPod touch
Give your geriatric first gen an upgrade
 How to use Apple's Game Center
Getting social on iOS 4.1
 How to download a game from Samsung Apps
Over the air
 How to download games to your phone via Kies
From PC to Wave
 How to use Samsung's Kies desktop application
Like iTunes for your Wave
 How to run PlayStation games on Android
If you're fed up of waiting for the PlayStation phone...
 How to claim your free iPhone 4 case or bumper
The Apple hasn't fallen far from the free
 How to install iOS 4 on your iPhone or iPod touch
iPhone 1G owners look away now
 How to save battery life on your iPad
Play in HD for longer
 How to connect your Wii Remote to your Android phone
Get your game on with a proper controller
 How to make an American iTunes account
Living the American iDream
 How to make your own Apple iPad
(Out of cardboard)
 How to play Mega Drive games on iPhone
It doesn't take ages
 How to access your iPhone using SSH
It’s like a file explorer type thing
 Xmas on a budget: How to make an iPhone case from a hardback book
Last minute DIY Chrissy pressie
 How to secure a jailbroken iPhone
Rick Astley is stalking you
 How to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch 3.1.2
Fight the power
 How to download Windows Marketplace apps
Our guide to using Windows Mobile 6.5’s biggest innovation
 How to purchase Japanese PSOne Classics for your PSP: part 2
A veritable smorgasbord of retro brilliance awaits you
 How to sign up for a Japanese PlayStation Network account: part 1
Turning Japanese? I really think so
 Listen to your iPhone's music in the shower
iPhone Pro-V (the V is for volume)
 How to buy Minis for PSP and PSPgo
Mini games, maximum pleasure
 How to add funds to your PSP Wallet
Time to cash in
 How to download PSP Minis
Bite-sized fun straight to your PSP
 How to upload photos from DSi to Facebook
Comment. Like. Share.
 How to make your own retro gaming art
Geek chic
 How to find your car using your iPhone
Worry-free parking with the Take Me to My Car App
 How to save your iPhone 3GS battery life
10 tips on sticking it to the iDrain
 How to buy games from the Nokia Ovi Store
‘Knock here’ (Nokia)
 How to turn your G1 into a wi-fi router
Share your G1's 3G connection while out and about
 How to download a game from the DSi Shop
It’s a digital distribution revolution
 How to buy Nintendo DSi Points
Cos DSi Points means DSiWare games
 How to use BlackBerry App World
Finding games on RIM's application store
 How to get a refund on your Android apps
Cash back
 How to buy Android games
Welcome to the Google Checkout
 How to build your own solar powered charger
We had joy, we had fun
 How to rearrange your Android Home screens
Keep your Android ‘appy and organised
 How to explore with iPhone Google Earth
The whole globe at your grubby fingertips
 How to record TV on iPhone with TV Plus
Sort out your evening’s viewing without even being at home
 How to set up PSP Connect
Resisting the connection is futile
 How to use Twitter on your mobile
Random waffle on the move
 How to make your own duct tape iPhone case
No, we're not just wrapping it in sticky tape
 How to use Facebook on your mobile
Because social networking doesn't wait for anyone
 How to make your own free iPhone dock
For 'nowt
 How to use Skype on your PSP
Reach out and touch someone with your PSP
 How to put media files on your Nokia using PC Suite
Music and video on your Nokia? No problem
 How to download more 100 Classic Books
Get onto the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
 How to put music on your Android
While we wait for Amazon
 How to download the Nintendo DSi Browser
Surf's up on Nintendo's DS rebrand
 How to get started with Media Manager for PSP
Kinda like iTunes for your PSP
 How to download from the PlayStation Store
Shop for games any time, any place
 How to register on the PlayStation Store PSP
Using a PC? That's so early 2008...
 How to pay per play with 100% Mobile
Play your choice of game for just 25p
 How to subscribe to 100% Mobile
Enjoy a month of gaming, or longer...
 How to try before you buy on 100% Mobile
Downloading free demos is easy
 How to rent a game from 100% Mobile
Play for 24 hours for little pay
 How to get started with 100% Mobile
Get to know Player X and O2's brand new games portal
 How to get started with PSP's Go!View
A step-by-step guide to Sony's TV-on-Demand service for your PSP
 How to play your music while gaming on iPhone
Tunes at your fingertips
 How to rearrange the iPhone home screen
Agitated icons
 How to download App Store games on your iPhone (and iPod touch)
Fill your boots without a PC in sight!
 How to get started with Nokia's N-Gage application
30 steps to mobile gaming nirvana
 How to become an ace animator with your DS
Well, Flickbook will at least get you on your way
 How to play a PSP homebrew Geometry Wars
Take those vector graphics widescreen
 How to improve your vocabulary using your DS
Education through fun. Is there a better way?
 How to play Kosmodrones on your PSP
Back to the days of side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups
 How to turn your DS into a digital drum kit
Tap your stylus to the beat
 How to get Astro Lander on your PSP
Retro spaceship a-go-go
 Play 27 free puzzle games on your DS
If you can follow the instructions, you'll be a winner
 How to get Cave Story on your PSP
Freeware is out there
 How to turn your DS into a DJ's turntable
Scratching on the go
 How to use the PSP Store
Download content without the need of a PlayStation 3
 How to turn your DS into a dice roller
Because you never know when you'll need one
 How to purchase music on your PSP
Sing when you're walking
 How to set up ImageViewer on your DS
Browse your photos on the go
 How to use Facebook on your PSP
You can finally leave the house
 How to turn your DS into a world of sand
Transform your DS into a living ecosystem
 How to turn your DS into a stopwatch
Because, in life, every second counts
 How to turn your DS into a fully functioning PDA
Sort your life out
 How to play chess on your DS
For free, obviously
 How to turn your DS into a dictionary
Becose spelling is important
 How to import games
It's easier than you think
 How to get around London using your DS
Mind the gap
 How to draw on your DS
Do it with stylus
 How to read books on DS
Turn over a new leaf
 How to compose music on your DS
A word from our maestro
 How to play NetHack on your DS
A new way to go old skool
 How to check email on your DS
Who needs a Crackberry?
 How to play old LucasArts games on DS
Get the SCUMM working for you
 How to play homebrew Quake on your DS
Shoot and strafe? Okay, there's more to it than that
 How to play SNES games on your Nintendo DS
Let's party like it's 1991
 How to fix DS calibration problems
Sort out those problems you've been having with the DS touchscreen
 How to put YouTube videos on your PSP
Watch the future of TV on the go
 How to update your PSP firmware
If you don't do homebrew, you might as well do up-to-date
 How to... Pimp your DS
Make your Ninty handheld one in a million
 How to podcast on your PSP
Listen carefully now...
 How to find and buy games on the O2 Active portal
Keep your thumbs busy with a host of cool titles
 How to find and buy games on the T-Mobile portal
Fun for your phone at the touch of a button
 How to read magazines on PSP
Check out your favourite mags without getting inky fingers
 How to download PSP demos
Get PSP content for free from across the world
 How to use DS wi-fi with your Apple Mac
You don't need to defect to Windows just yet
 How to put a DVD on your PSP
Convert a DVD into a PSP compatible video
 How to find and buy games on 3's Planet 3
Find the latest games for your 3G handset on 3's portal
 How to get started with DS homebrew software
Begin running unsigned code on your DS using the 'NoPass' method
 How to transfer photos to your PSP
See your snaps on the go
 How to fix stuck pixels on your PSP screen
A simple fix for unwanted PSP pixels
 How to find and buy games on Vodafone Live
Explore the operator's portal to get hold of the best new mobile games for your phone
 How to download and transfer games onto iPod
Apple now sells iPod games through its iTunes Store. Here's how to get them
 How to play multiplayer with one DS cart
Play multiplayer DS games with one cart using the Download Play feature
 How to read books on your PSP
Read as you go on your widescreen console
 How to transfer DS Wi-Fi settings
Move your DS wireless settings over to your new DS Lite with ease
 How to get news feeds on your PSP
Keep up-to-date with all your favourite websites while you're out and about
 How to operate the DS alarm
Use your DS as an alarm clock and countdown timer
 How to change PSP save icons
Change your PSP save icons to any picture you want
 How to remove DS Lite scratches
Return your scratched DS to good as new without breaking the bank
 How to download DS demos
Download DS demos from the Net for free with your PC Wi-Fi card
 How to use MSN Messenger on your PSP
Sign in to your MSN Messenger account on your PSP and chat to friends from any wireless hotspot
 Set up wi-fi on your Nintendo DS
Set your Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection, so you can go head-to-head against DS players across the world
 How to play online via the N-Gage Arena
Use Nokia's N-Gage Arena to take on opponents from across the world
 How to transfer video to your PSP
The PSP is just ideal for watching movies and it's really easy to add your own video!
 How to transfer music to your PSP
Who needs an iPod, when you can play all your MP3s on your shiny PSP? Here we show you exactly why Apple should be worried!
 How to set up a new mobile phone
If you've bought a new handset and want to use your existing SIM card with it, what do you need to do?
 How to buy and transfer a game to your phone
So you've got a new phone and want to enjoy the latest games – what do you need to do?
 How to set-up wireless networking on your PSP
It's got a built-in wireless network adapter that enables you to update your software and download new content for games, so how do you use it?